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As part of the project „Course for Europe – ZSTE on foreign internships”, No. 2019-1-PL01-KA102-061583 implemented from the funds of the PO WER under the principles of the Erasmus+ Programme, Sector Vocational Education and Training, a group of 42 students completed a vocational internship in Greece in the period 14.10-25.10.2019.

As part of the I-st mobility, a group of students educated in the fields of IT technician, logistics technician, chef and confectioner technician and hospitality technician to whom the project activities are directed, within 10 days implemented the apprenticeship program in accordance with the main assumptions of the project and the curriculum of the courses. The aim of the internship was to develop skills within the profession, use theoretical knowledge in practice and learn about the specificity of work in enterprises. The internship was supervised by a trained staff consisting of mentors and instructors from ZSTE in Skawina, a Greek organization, and companies selected for cooperation.

Hospitality Technician learned in practice, among others with the duties of a receptionist, the type of hotel services provided, professional service for hotel guests and service on the floors. He perfected his skills in preparing a restaurant room to receive guests, as well as in preparing buffets. He took care of the cleanliness of the hall and hotel rooms.

IT Technician met, among others principles of selecting computer technology devices to specific technical conditions. He prepared mobile devices for work. He performed maintenance of network and peripheral devices. He installed and updated operating systems and network software. He created and restored data backups, as well as managed, controlled and repaired databases.

As part of his apprenticeship, the Logistics Technician has gained experience, among others in distinguishing types of stocks and warehouses. This knowledge translated into the ability to select storage equipment and transport devices. Thanks to the practical approach to the profession, logisticians have gained the skills of using devices for automatic identification of goods. They got to know the scope of defining the stages and channels of distribution, the principles of packaging management, as well as the legal provisions applicable in practice regarding the implementation of transport and trade services

During the foreign internship, the Confectioner and Cook Technician learned to evaluate and classify food in many aspects such as durability, origin, nutritional value. While working in the hotel kitchen and confectionery, they could in practice use various gastronomic recipes – both local Greek and commonly used in gastronomy. They also selected raw materials for the preparation of meals and drinks, and the whole process was based on the principles of rational food management.

As part of the cultural program, students visited the monastery complex called Meteora, including the monastery of St. Varlaam, on the way visiting the icon factory and the church carved in the rock of St. St. Paraskevi – patroness of people with sight problems and visually impaired people. During the cruise with Captain Kostas and the crew of Elizabeth Cruises, they set out on a fantastic cruise to the island of Skiathos, known from the movie Mamma Mia. On the ship, there was time for both fun and learning typical Greek dances, and a bit of relaxation on the Koukounaries beach – a pine cone beach with golden sand. As part of local trips, they also managed to visit the Stavros shelter under the Olympus massif and taste a real mountain tea called Chaj Olimpu (commonly known as a gojnik in our country).

As part of the daily work in the apprenticeship, the participants could practice English and Greek. At the end of the internship, the trainees received certificates confirming the completed internship and acquired professional skills.

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