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A group of 60 students from Technical-Economic School Complex in Skawina, Poland took part in vocational trainings in Greece. The mobility within the project „From theory to practice through foreign internships” was held between 16.10.2018-29.10.2019 and 29.03.2019-11.04.2019. Students, who participated in the project were educating in the professions of IT technician (20 students), Logistics technician (20 students), Hotel technician (20 students).

The project „From theory to practice through foreign internships” was a foreign mobility program co-financed by the European Union, under which professional internships for students of the Technical-Economic School Complex in Skawina took place. Participants were students of the following professional profiles: IT technician (20 students), Logistics technician (20 students), Hotel technician (20 students), as well as a group of teachers performing the functions of accompanying people. The project provided two mobilities under the project which was last 2 weeks each and took place in Greece.

During the trip, the students completed a professional internship in selected Greek enterprises, which included mainly workshops and practical performance of entrusted tasks under the supervision of qualified inspectors.

Moreover mobility participants had the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the ancient culture of Greece and humanity, by participating in a cultural program that was organized on non-work days. Due to the fact that the trip took place during two weekends, young people took advantage of several trips important and interesting in terms of history. As part of the cultural program, our students visited the Greek Meteora, the island of Skiathos, the capital of Greece – Athens with the Acropolis, or the Olympic massif.

The goals of the project and the expected results are multi-faceted. The main goal was to raise the professional competences of the participants, their knowledge, competences and skills through an internship. The long-term result included professional and social activation of youth in the local-regional, national and even European (international) dimension.

As part of the „From theory to practice through foreign internships” project, the following specific objectives were realized:

– creating modern and desirable European values, as well as open attitudes among students;

– enabling students to develop/acquire the so-called soft skills, which include the ability to think logically, solve problems;

– familiarize students with modern education methods and an innovative didactic workshops;

– strengthening professional competences and teachers’ authority;

– increasing the language skills of pupils and teachers taking part in the project;

– increasing the attractiveness and modernization of the Technical-Economic School Complex in Skawina;

– increasing the attractiveness of students as potential job candidates;

– students’ opening to the international market, where professionalism really counts.

The impact of the project on all target groups was extremely positive and not only local, but also national or even supranational. The influence of the project „From theory to practice through foreign internships” to its participants, the School, the organization and the local partner community included a number of benefits and positive changes in the functioning. The development of pupils, as well as the school staff and other entities involved in the implementation of the project, was to contribute to the revival of all entities by increasing the number of activities undertaken, improving their quality, enriching the opportunities for development of young people participating in education, as well as staff. Going further, all this was to contribute to development of international cooperation, greater openness of local communities and to the development of a local and regional labor market, richer with qualified employees and a better organized structure of institutions preparing young people for work.

The website also features short photo-relation of completed mobilities.