„From ZSP no. 6 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki to European labor market”

A group of 40 students from ZSP no. 6 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland took part in vocational training in Greece. The mobility within the project „From ZSP no. 6 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki to European labor market” was held between 01.04.2019-12.04.2019. Students, who participated in the project were educating in the professions of Technician of graphics and digital printing (10 students), Technician of photography and multimedia (10), Hairdressing technician (10), Plastic (10).

The project„From ZSP no. 6 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki to European labor market”was to create career opportunities for 40 students of ZSP No. 6 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, focused on the activation of youth at the international level, raising their qualifications and language development in relation to their profession. Thanks to the project, participants will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the labor market waiting for them, use the knowledge gained in school in practice, and also have the opportunity to learn about a different culture that will certainly influence their personal development.

Project included quantitative goals such like: implementation of a series of preparations, implementation of 2-week internship programs that allowed participants to improve their professional competences, implementation of staff – at least 4 teachers of ZSP no. 6, who at the same time were acting as accompanying persons acquired further necessary professional experience and expanded their pedagogical and organizational competences, social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities – involving at least 15 students from disfavored groups.

There were also some quality goals such like: developing language skills of participants (both students and teachers), broadening professional knowledge through courses and workshops that took place as part of the preparation for the project, participants acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge and had the opportunity to use it in practice during professional internships, development of international cooperation of ZSP No. 6 and creation of a framework for the development of further initiatives by establishing new transnational partnerships, improving the quality of education in ZSP No. 6 thanks to the knowledge and adaptation of good practices in the vocational education and training sector and the acquisition of experience in the implementation of transnational projects in cooperation with experienced partners from Greece and foreign enterprises.

Participants within the educational mobilities took part in 2-week internships within the framework of educational mobility, thanks to which they had the opportunity to learn about the realities of the modern labor market in the project, as well as they took part in professionally prepared trainings and workshops adequate to their specialization. Due to the nature of the project, its objectives, assumptions and planned results, the practical methods shaping and developing professional skills, habits and practices of a practical nature were also naturally selected, also in the non-formal education methodology, using science through experience and practice. Among the methods used in the course of mobility, depending on the nature of the professional tasks which were carried out, there should be mentioned: a demonstration with the instruction of a practitioner, laboratory exercises and production tasks.

Thanks to the inclusion of issues related to the tradition, culture, history of Greece, mobility participants had the opportunity to take several trips aimed at expanding their knowledge and interests related to ancient Greece and its inhabitants. They had the opportunity to visit a group of monasteries suspended in the air – Greek Meteora. They also had the opportunity to take a boat trip to the island of Skiathos. In addition, there was organized trip to the ruins of the castle in Platamonas and to the mountain village – Old Pantaleimon.

The project contributed to raising the quality of vocational education and training in ZSP No. 6, which made school perceived as a well-organized and innovative school. As a result, school graduates were better prepared to enter the labor market, and junior high school. The project enabled development of the ZSP 6 experience in the organization of Erasmus + mobility projects and improve cooperation between both organizations.