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As part of the project „Acquiring international professional competences as a basis for preparation for the future professional path” implemented from the funds of the „Operational Program Knowledge Education Development” on the principles of the Erasmus + program, students of our school, trainer technician and logistics technician educating in competitions had the opportunity to expand the skills acquired during the course of learning Professional during internships organized in Greece. The internships took place on April 1-12 this year. in the Olympic Riviera – the town of Leptokarya. On the first day the goals and conditions of the internship as well as health and safety rules were discussed in detail. Young people got to know the internship program and people implementing it.

During internships, students from the field of logistics technician became familiar with the issues in the field of:
– analysis of activities carried out by enterprises,
– operating office equipment and the ability to use computer programs,
– preparation of standard forms of business correspondence,
– organization of activities related to the preparation of cargo for transport and storage,
– supervision over the course of warehouse processes,
– appropriate selection of distribution channels to the adopted flow strategy,
– analysis of mechanisms and concepts of operation of logistics centers,
– preparation of documents regarding the flow between the links of the distribution channel in English.

In turn, students from the field of forwarding technician acquired:
– skills in classifying and characterizing transport and forwarding tasks,
– skills to carry out an analysis of the shipping company’s operations,
– forwarding skills and additional activities,
– skills in preparing transport and forwarding documents,
– skills in using IT equipment and office equipment,
– skills in determining the rules for selecting means of transport, taking into account modern technical solutions,
– skills in determining the suitability of means of transport for carrying out forwarding tasks 
and familiarized themselves with the principles of marketing activities and research into the market of transport and forwarding services.

During the internship, students also had the opportunity to learn more about the culture of Greece as part of cultural trips, including to monasteries hung on the rocks, orthodox monasteries, known in the world of tourism as Meteora. The ancient history of the Greek state and traces of culture could be found in the ruins of the castle in Platamonas. The students also went on a several-hour boat trip to the picturesque island of Skhiatos and a full day’s nao stay combined with the possibility of swimming in the warm Aegean Sea. The towns of Stary Panteleimon and Katerini, also known and popular among Poles, tourist resorts of the Olympic Riviera, were also the destination of trips. An important part of cultural studies was also a trip to the second largest city – Thessaloniki. The crowning achievement and beautiful summary of the cultural program was the so-called „Greek evening”. To the sounds of Greek music, to the rhythm of zorba, the local band invited our students to play together without any special encouragement.

Internships in Greece significantly contributed to the broadening of social and cultural horizons and the increase of language competences of our school students. Young people also had a chance to gain unique professional experiences, which will be a pass for them in the future to a career in the labor market.