naglowek leczyca 2020

I mobility

The mobility of the first group of the project „Professional development on European practices”, no. 2020-1-PL01-KA102-078827, implemented on the basis of the Erasmus + Program, sector Vocational education and training, under which 80 students of the School od Jadwiga Grodzka in Łęczyca will finish an internship in Greece. I mobility consisted of 40 students and 4 tutors and was implemented in May 2021.

As part of the first mobility, support was provided to 40 students studying in the professions of IT technician, economics technician, analytical technician. The students took 2 weeks of practical classes and realized a cultural program, during which they visited the town of Litochoro on the edge of Mount Olympus and the Enipeas Gorge. They moved through the ravine in a still working aqueduct built on one of its steep rock faces. The end of the walk was a small waterfall and two green and blue lakes. Their colloquial name is Aphrodite’s Bath, because, according to mythology, the goddess of love took regular baths in them. During the next break from the internship, our students had the opportunity to meet the dominant religion in Greece – Orthodoxy, in the most amazing place – Meteors. A place where monks’ monasteries are suspended between heaven and earth. The main part of the program was a visit to the icon factory in Zindros, where the students learned how and with what materials they are made. They also had the opportunity to buy icons and other souvenirs for themselves and their relatives. The highlight of the program was a visit to Meteora – the place where Greek priests built monasteries in the 16th century. Visiting one of them, they learned why they were raised so high in the mountains, who was their founder, and what everyday life in such a monastery looks like. The young people stopped at numerous viewpoints, where everyone had time for private photo sessions.

During the past week, in their free time from internships, our students managed to find some moments to visit a charming, tiny town on the slopes of Olympus – Paleos Panteleimonas. To this day, it is famous for the cultivation of Koumaro fruits typical of Greece and the production of honey and other delicacies, such as chestnuts. From there, they could admire the wonderful panorama of the Olympic Riviera. Students from the IT technician faculty dealt with computer network administration, managed switch installation, software maintenance, network printer installation, as well as router configuration. There were also meetings and talks with experts and mentors, supporting the process of vocational education and training. The trainees were also familiarized with the installation and configuration of the Linux platform for network operation.

Apprentices studying Technician Economist learned how to prepare VAT declarations, ZUS and warehouse reports, and created databases. They got acquainted with the work in the accounting department, warehouse, customer service and the circulation of documentation. They learned how to store and archive office documents.

In turn, the students of the Analyst Technique in the following days of their internship learned how to document the results of environmental research, use computer techniques for chemical calculations and preparation of documentation of analytical works. They used potentiometric and conductometric methods for these studies, as well as spectroscopic methods: UV, VIS, IR, NMR.

The culmination of our students’ internships was to repeat all the most important information, discuss and analyze the conclusions with experts and mentors.

The internship program ended with a ceremonial conclusion with the handing over of certificates and certificates. Internships in Greece combined business with pleasure and will surely stay in the memories of each of the students for a long time.


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