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The main goals of the project are focused on providing students with an additional form of education and improving the professional competences of our students. The participants of the project are students educating in the following fields:

  • Hotel Management Technician (15 students),
  • Tourist Service Technician (15 students),
  • Logistics Technician (13 students),
  • Nutrition and Gastronomy Services Technician  (15 students).

Main goals of the project:
1. Raising the professional competences of students in grades II-IV, studying in the following fields: Hotel Management Technician, Logistics Technician, Tourist Service Technician and Nutrition Technique and Gastronomy Services
Interim goals:
– organization of high-quality preparatory classes before the mobility,
– organization of foreign apprenticeships in Greece,
– summary and evaluation of acquired skills,
2. Increasing the language competences of school students on the professional and social level.
Interim goals:
– organization of preparatory language classes for mobility participants to help them break down language barriers and increase their vocabulary.
– linguistic support for project participants during the mobility, through activities of accompanying teachers.
Two mobilities will be carried out under the project. The first mobility took place in the fall of 2020. The second trip under the project will take place in spring 2021. And the mobility that was implemented as part of the project was successful and allowed us to develop appropriate safety procedures in the new epidemiological reality.
The internships under project were organized as part of compulsory school internships. The foreign internship program was based on the curriculum and strengthening the competences and skills selected by the teaching council. After the completion of our previous project, participants in the evaluation questionnaires also indicated areas that, in their opinion, required more emphasis, before and during the trip (e.g. language competences) and during the planning of the currently implemented project, we also took this into account. For students participating in the project, professional mobility in Greece is primarily an opportunity to develop professional and linguistic competences, but also many personal and cultural competences. Mobility experiences are motivation for our students to continue professional development, pass the vocational exam with a good result and then continue their studies at university or participate in other forms of improvement (courses, training).


Gallery from the internships