krasnik power

In 2019 we received information that project applied by our partner School Complex no. 3 in Krasnik was accepted by National Agency. Project „Practice makes perfect – students of ZS3 in Kraśnik on a foreign professional internship” is third common initiative which involves the organization of two foreign mobilities. They engaged in total 60 students and 6 teachers who will come to Greece to implement internship program and educational-cultural program.

logoObszar roboczy 4KrasnikI mobility was organized between 11 and 22 of November 2019. Students and the teachers were accommodated in the Poseidon Palace hotel in Leptokarya.

The main goal of the project is to increase the quality of practical teaching through the implementation of a mobility project. A very important assumption of this initiative is also the expansion of cooperation with enterprises from the industries in which students are educated. This goal results from the need for the institution to constantly update its knowledge about the requirements of employers. This allows you to adjust the curricula or internship programs in such a way that their assumptions correspond to the realities of the labor market. Thanks to this, school graduates are properly prepared to work in their profession, know modern methods, and are also able to adapt to a changing environment.

Thanks to the implementation of 10 days of apprenticeships of 80 hours, young people could make significant progress in terms of knowledge, experience and skills. Youth has developed numerous soft skills that are highly valued in today’s labor market. These include: creativity, the ability to express one’s thoughts and views, adapting to a changing environment, organizing time and prioritizing tasks, organizing a workplace, ability to work under time pressure and coping with stress. They also developed their language skills in the use of English. They broke the often-destructive language barrier and learned about the industry vocabulary typical of their profession. It is also worth mentioning attitudes such as self-confidence, openness to the world, courage to take up challenges, willingness to constantly improve one’s own qualifications. All this is a great basis for further vocational training and effective functioning in the realities of a real workplace, which will translate into ease in finding employment in the future and achieving your professional aspirations.

The initiative is financed within “International educational mobility of students and graduates, and the vocational training staff” project realized from PO WER funds under the framework of Erasmus+ program, Vocational education and trainings section.