Our organization recently completed yet another project in partnership with the Agricultural School Complex in Sokolka, Poland. This mobility, co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund, the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program, was conducted in two apprenticeship programs for students with fewer opportunities. There were 83 participants in total, the first group of 43 young people arrived in Greece on September 28th 2020 and stayed until October 9th 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the arrival of the second group was delayed until May 17th 2021.pic2During their stay, the youth took part in activities, in and around the hotel they were staying in, that aimed to increase their job competencies in the field of either gastronomy, hotel industry, agriculture, or economy. Before the students came to Greece, they received preparatory english and greek classes that helped with smoothly passing on the knowledge to them. Our program consisted of theoretical as well as practical classes to ensure that the youth receives the best education that will, in the future, help them find and maintain employment.pic1

Positive outcomes of the training are visible in the reports of youth that took part in it. “Everyday I waited impatiently to go to training and learn new things”- says one of the participants- “The knowledge gained during the apprenticeship, in the future, will allow me to work in the profession”. The program not only increased participants’ physical skills level but also had a great impact on their personal competences and widened their cultural and social horizons.