Kika Mobility collaborates with many public institutions, for example vocational training centers, so that the projects prepared by the company contain a layer substantive elements of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET). In addition, Kika cooperates with a number of vocational schools in Athens, Larissa and Thessaloniki region, which have at their disposal a modern, well-equipped training centers. The organization is preparing for these particular schools mobility projects. Kika has a wide range of opportunities and contacts in the network of partner companies in the IT sector, which allows for individualization of adjustments to individual needs, requirements and interests of our students. In recent years Kika Mobility participated several projects carried out in various areas of education and adopt at home annually about 300 beneficiaries from EU countries.

Kika Mobility cooperates with many companies:
  • Technopolis ICT Business Park, Thessaloniki
  • BETA CAE Systems SA, Thessaloniki
  • Alfatet SA, Thessaloniki,
  • Polytech SA, Larissa,
which, among others, are engaged in providing technology solutions and IT services providers whose business profile and experience will enable project participants to acquire different skills , in particular:

– Design and development of management information systems, both in terms of organization and technology;
– Implementation and customization of integrated information management systems (ERP);
– Develop specialized software;
– Consulting and training in management of production.

Participation in the work placement organized by Kika Mobility is for young trainees computing a unique opportunity, because that’s how they can verify the theoretical knowledge acquired in school, gain valuable new skills on the job market and benefit from the support of professionals with extensive experience with a broad spectrum of expertise. They will use previously acquired knowledge in school through apprenticeships in a specially pre-selected and prepared facilities in Greece, where they will have the ongoing support caregivers placement on behalf of the company.

The actions and extensive experience in the field of IT a very significant impact on the objectives of the project. Participants can check their knowledge acquired in school. They have the opportunity to receive training and practice to accompany and watch the experts. Kika Mobility is actively involved in the training of young staff, because it’s experience is essential to effective teaching and subsequent evaluation.