1st mobility

In the period 24.08 – 04.09.2020 we had a pleasure to host 30 students from Technikum Kinematograficzno-Komputerowe im. Krzysztofa Kieślowskiego in Warsaw. They came to Greece in the framework of the project entitled „Looking for experience in the European job market!” no. 2019-1-PL01-KA102-061807.

The main goal of the project is to enable students to develop educational, professional and personal skills with the use of modern methods and technologies and to increase their chance of finding a job in the future, by including vocational education initiatives at the European/international level in TKK activities. There are also other important specific project objectives, such as:

1) Supporting students in acquiring and using knowledge and skills translating into the development of competences in specific professions;

2) Development of industry skills of participants in connection with the use of experience gathered during mobility, including practical knowledge in the field of information technology and the implementation of recordings and publicity;

3) Organization of a trip for two-week internships to Greece in 2020, for 60 students divided into two groups of 30 people, as part of 2 fields of vocational education;

4) Involvement in the project at least 10 students with fewer opportunities;

5) Increase of employment chances through motivating students to open their service companies in Warsaw and the region, which may affect the unemployment rate in the capital and the development of specialized technological solutions, applications and services related to the film industry;

6) Development of cooperation between school, partners and employers, which will enable the use of new educational methods and create a basis related to European education and work standards;

7) Improvement of students’ language skills, both in everyday contacts and the use of colloquial language, as well as specialist vocabulary. Better knowledge of English and basic Greek makes it possible to get in touch with European clients who are more and more willing to use services in Poland. Such activities will lead to an increase in the level of service infrastructure. In addition, this will affect the breaking of the language barrier among youth.

8) Getting to know work standards in other European countries. This will affect the elimination of obstacles related to professional mobility, such as cultural barriers, low level of foreign language and lack of appropriate qualifications.

9) Encouragement of teachers to develop well-known methods of transferring knowledge and expanding them with new educational tools, thus increasing the school’s prestige and contributing to the popularization of professional majors, such as IT technician and recording and publicity technician.

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The main activities are occupational mobility of project participants, including 12-days programs, under which students are having the opportunity to take their obligatory internship, working in places prepared by a Kika Mobility Training Center, as a partner and enterprises of selected industries, and to implement a cultural program to develop social competences. During the entire stay abroad, students under the care of teachers from TKK and mentors are working in various positions, using individualistic and team approaches, allowing participants to acquire various professional competences related to both – independent and group work. The development of skills, but also new attitudes, serve to divide into smaller working groups, under which young people have the opportunity to discover their predispositions to be a leader or one of the equal members of the team.

Participation in this type of the project is not only the promotion of a school in the local environment, but also the development of the school’s offer as part of vocational training.

In the framework of the mobility, the students with a professional profile IT specialist, thanks to working in the IT companies, with trainers and mentors, acquired special competences and professional skills, such as:

– recognition of graphic symbols and designation of components of the computer system;

– selecting components and configuration of the computer system;

– selecting application software to perform specific tasks;

– use of computer hardware and operating system security;

– characterization of the computer system;

– specifying operating system functions;

– using the terminology of computer networks;

– characterization of types of software.

The students with a professional profile Implementation of recordings and sounding technician, thanks to working in the companies of their profile, with trainers and mentors, acquired special competences and professional skills, such as:

– characterization of acoustic features of human speech;

– using the properties of human hearing in the process of sound production;

– distinguishing elements of a musical work;

– distinguishing types of speakers and microphones and characterizing their properties;

– distinguishing between recording devices;

– device characterization and sound processing techniques;

– selection of measuring instruments.

Additionally, students took part in the rich educational-cultural program, visiting Meteora, Skiathos, Thessaloniki, small village Paleos Panteleimonas and the Platamonas castle.

Have a look at the photos of this period below :)