2nd mobility

Besides of difficult COVID-19 situation, the second group of students from TKK in Warsaw came to Greece, taking into account and following all of the safety rules. In the period 05.10 – 16.10.2020 we had a great pleasure to host next 30 students and 3 tutors from this school. The mobility took place within the framework of Erasmus+ programme, Vocational education and training sector, entitled “Looking for experience in the European job market!” no. 2019-1-PL01-KA102-061807.

Similarly as with the first group, this one contains of 20 students training themselves in the field of IT technician and 10 of Implementation of recordings and sounding technician. They have made in Greece part of their obligatory apprenticeships (80 out of 160 hours), doing the tasks appropriate for their profile.

As part of the 2-week internship abroad, IT technicians performed professional tasks resulting from the current needs of the company in the field of designing, creating, configuring, administering and assembling a computer network, using the known methods and tools, under the supervision of a mentor. Their scope included the following activities:

– Organizing the workplace;

– Operation of computer technology devices;

– Personal data protection in IT systems;

– Support for operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS);

– Configuration of computer hardware and software for various applications;

– Computer hardware testing and diagnosis;

– Installation and update of the operating system and applications;

– Detecting operating system threats, such as viruses, worms and threat prevention;

– Repair of operating systems crashes;

– Backup of operating systems;

– Preparation of technical documentation for network devices;

– Design and implementation of a local computer network;

– Identifying network devices based on description, graphic symbols and appearance;

– Knowing about active devices: switch, router, access point;

– Network card support;

– Use of network traffic monitoring tools (Wireshark and others);

– Learning the methods of finding failures of the local computer network;

– Application of configuration rules for peripheral device drivers;

– Computer network administration;

– Creating a structured installation;

– Installation of a crayfish cabinet;

– Crimping network cables and Ethernet sockets;

– Testing and troubleshooting in the structural network;

– Managed switch installation;

– Configuration of routers and firewall security devices;

– Diagnostics and repair of computer devices;

– Performing assembly activities;

– Servicing of computer equipment – laptops, tablets;

– Configuration of basic services on Windows Server.

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As part of the 2-week internship abroad, Implementation of recordings and sounding technicians performed professional tasks resulting from the current needs of the company, using the methods and tools they had learned, under the supervision of a mentor. Their scope included the following activities:

– Organizing the workplace;

– Use of microphone techniques: MM, ORTF, AB, MS, XY, Decca Tree;

– Actions on auxiliary elements: stands and handles for working with microphones;

– Planning the acoustic adaptation of the recording plan;

– Performing acoustic adaptation of the sound plan;

– Acoustic insulation and acoustic preparation of rooms;

– Creating monophonic, stereo and multi-channel connections;

– Analyzing the recording plan;

– Installing devices on a recording set;

– Analyzing technical documentation of microphones;

– Selecting microphones based on their technical specifications;

– Use of monophonic and stereo microphone techniques;

– Selecting microphone techniques suitable for given instruments;

– Performing the analysis of sound conditions;

– Preparing the computer to work with sound;

– Configuring and operating hardware mixing consoles;

– Selection and placement of devices in cooperation with the sound engineer, based on the sound implementation plan;

– Analyzing device ratings;

– Selection of devices to work in various connection systems;

– Selection of device parameters based on the existing connections;

– Applying the principles of costing;

– Selection and arrangement of sound equipment in accordance with the requirements of acoustics, performers and sound engineer;

– Analyzing the technical documentation of the scene;

– Configuration of public address and listening systems;

– Use of wired microphone systems;

– Use of various microphone techniques.

Thanks to the given activities, all of the students have acquired different skills – professional, but also social, organizational and communicative ones. Additionally, students took part in the rich educational-cultural program, visiting Meteora, Thessaloniki, Skiathos, small village Paleos Panteleimonas and the Platamonas castle, which helped them to get to know better and almost “touch” the Greek history and feel the amazing spirit of our country.

Have a look at the photos of this period below :)

6 Dzień 10.10.2020 Jesień Leptokarya (54 of 211)


6 Dzień 10.10.2020 Jesień Leptokarya (58 of 211)